Rome burning

Foto:  Rainer Sturm/

Foto: Rainer Sturm/

do you remember the day
the dog ran away
in his mouth he carried
a stick on fire
the sound of your voice
grew louder and higher

I reached out for you
you cut of my hand
I bled to death
which wasn’t planned

meanwhile the dog ran on and on
and carried his burning stick to Rome
he dropped it into the streets of the town
and so the city burned all down

you cry for Rome because it’s dead
and stick a knife deep in my head
my eyes drop on the floor
that moment opens the door

the dog walks in in pretty good mood
you mix my eyeballs under his food
now all I see is what he eats
what does he get to fill my needs

please feed him an orange to be my sun
I wait for the day you’ll be dead and gone

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